Want to reach out and touch someone with an inspirational card? Or make them smile with a funny quotation?  

Maybe they need a nudge in the right direction? Or just a reminder of what really matters in life.  

Nothing says I’ve been thinking about you. quite like our range of cards which are themed by Inspirational, Motivational, Political, Spiritual and Practical messages.  

You can also shop under categories like Animals, Art, Travel, Vintage, Sepia, Uplifting Quotes & Positive Quotes.  

Share a reminder of a place you’ve visited with someone you want to catch up with. Suggest new adventures or highlight old memories and shared experiences.  

A burden shared is a burden halved, you can let someone know you want to share the load by sending them a few words of support, encouragement & laughter.  

If you know someone who’s stuck in a rut and need a bit of a push, to help them climb out of it, then we have the perfect card to buck them up. 

Then again, sometimes we need to stop and take stock of where we are in life. Maybe someone you know could benefit from a reminder to focus on the important things. And not to sweat the small stuff because…it’s all small stuff.